Oh What a Difference a Lens Makes!

This is the second year I taught a Halloween Parade Workshop in New York City.  It was a blast! Tried to keep it simple and remain as flexible as possible.  Used the Canon 35mm EF f/1.4L USM Lens primarily.  All Photos © JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved.  http://www.dimaggio-kalishworkshops.com  http://www.dimaggio-kalish.com

All Photos © JoAnne Kalish  All Rights Reserved

Halloween Parade ©Kalish 0242 Halloween Parade© Kalish0392ReHalloween Parade © Kalish 0311ReHalloween Parade-0326 Halloween Parade © JoAnne Kalish 0220Re Halloween Parade© Kalish0356Re

Halloween Parade© JoAnne Kalish 0609e

Halloween Parade© Kalish0448e                                         Halloween Parade ©Kalish0202RseHalloween Parade© Kalish0634Re

 Halloween Parade© Kalish0674Re  Halloween Parade © Kalish0382Re  Halloween Parade 0188Re Halloween Parade-0626e Halloween Parade-0798e Halloween Parade© Kalish 0160e  Halloween Parade© Kalish 0351Re Halloween Parade© Kalish 0347ReHalloween Parade© Kalish 0419e Halloween Parade© Kalish 0480 Halloween Parade© Kalish0361 Halloween Parade© Kalish0390Re  Halloween Parade© Kalish0427R   Halloween Parade© Kalish0503ReHalloween Parade© Kalish0543e Halloween Parade© Kalish0522R Halloween Parade© Kalish0420ReHalloween Parade0776Re     Halloween Parade0744ReHalloween Parade© Kalish0463e Halloween Parade ©Kalish0798ReHalloween Parade© Kalish0595Re
Halloween 2014 0500Halloween Parade0434e

My Recent Press

I’d like to share some recent press I just received please see this link

Photo ©JoAnne Kalish All Rights reserved

Photo ©JoAnne Kalish All Rights reserved

“Through the Eyes of JoAnne Kalish: Photographer and Visual Communicator” Exhibit Oct.10 – Dec. 7 Columns Museum

My work is on exhibit at the Columns Museum in Milford, PA. October 10th through December 7, 2014.

The Show will also be during the time of the Black Bear Film Festival

It is the same Museum that has in their collection, the blood-stained Lincoln Flag from the Ford’s Theatre in Washington.

- On a history note, JoAnne was the only photographer at the Long Beach Grand Prix who captured the famous motor series at the start of the Long Beach Grand Prix of near fatal accident with Mario Andretti and James Hunt. Sports Illustrated ran the photo twice that year, the second time was for “The Year in Sports” issue.

The Tragedy of September 2001 will never be forgotten with her photograph of a Prayer Vigil, which has been recognized as one of the greatest tributes to the American Spirit.  Quote from Charlie Borst, Director of Photography at Corbis Sigma USA – “ I must say that from all the pictures I’ve edited of this tragedy, this quickly rises to the top.”

JoAnne’s iconic photograph of Artist Will Barnet, awarded the medal of Arts by President Obama in 2012, is now part of the Permanent Collection of Portraits, in The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, as well as is being part of the photographic collection in the White House.

Other personal work is on display as well.  PLEASE COME DOWN AND SUPPORT THE ARTS.




Columns Show JoAnne Kalish-8056 Columns Show JoAnne Kalish-8067 Columns Show JoAnne Kalish-8071 Columns Show JoAnne Kalish-8081

© JoAnne Kalish  All Rights Reserved

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved  9/11 Vigil

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved 9/11 Vigil

Will Barnet, JoAnne Kalish, National Gallery of Art Washington DC

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

Museum Hours are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 1-4 PM or by Appointment  (57) 296-8126 or pikemuse@ptd.net

Blood-stained Lincoln Flag on View at Columns Museum © DiMaggio

Blood-stained Lincoln Flag on View at Columns Museum © DiMaggio

National Gallery of Art 2013 Annual Report Mention

American Artist  Will Barnet © JoAnne Kalish

Artist Will Barnet © JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

Last Friday I received an e mail from the Chief of the Department of Image Collections Mr. Gregory Most, at the National Gallery of Art informing me that my portrait of Will Barnet has been mentioned in their 2013 Annual report on page 21. It reads – The artists’ portraits collectioadded self-portraits bArthur Fellig, known aWeegee, c. 1950Philippe Halsmanc. 1955–1960; anJerrUelsmann, c.1970. Other artistsportraits include Fernanger bHerbert Matter, 1939; Frida KahlbManuel Alvarez – Bravoc.1938, printed 1960; PauEluard in his apartment bBrassaï, 1944, printed 1960; AndWarhol beinphotographed bHorsby DaviBailey,1972; anWilBarnet bJoAnne Kalish2005, printe2013David Dufour donated a pair ophotograppostcards of Marsden HartlebCarvan Vechten,1939.

Totally an honor to be amongst the group.  It was a great way to end the week on such a high note!


Springtime Photography Workshop Upper Delaware Saturday June 7th 2014

© JoAnne Kalish

© JoAnne Kalish

Springtime in Milford, PA Photography Workshop with Internationally known Photographer JoAnne Kalish.  This workshop is open to photographers of all skill Levels.  There are so many  close by locations in the Upper Delaware with several great Waterfalls.  It is the home of Grey Towers – first center for conservation.  We have a 70 acre Llama Farm and Dude Ranch close by.  Walking or driving around our historic town you will come across many Victorian Homes, galleries and antique shops. Perhaps you’d like to bring along your partner (or family for that matter) and stay over for the weekend.  There’s plenty here to do and lots going on. I promise you’ll come back over and over. Pack a bathing suit, cowboy boots and hat and bring them along with your camera gear.

One of the locations we will visit and photograph will be Luna Parc, an environmental sculpture Park. It is the home of artist Ricky Boscorino and is an on-going work in progress.  Be prepared for lots of close-ups, graphics, exciting fun, crazy and zany stuff. So much to photograph! Our Second location will be at one of the many varied waterfalls highlighting the area. The third location will be a magnificently beautiful 70 acre Llama Farm where approximately 80 Llama roam freely.

The town of Milford, PA is a wonderfully vibrant town. It was written up in Frommer’s as being one of the coolest small towns in the U.S.  We hope you decide to stay for the weekend.  You can find more information on the workshop here

For places to stay try – Harrington House Inn & B&B or for a more luxurious Experience we also have the Hotel Fauchère.

Cuba: Our People to People Exchange Through A Photographer’s Lens

Cuba © JoAnne Kalish

Cuba © JoAnne Kalish

Our recent People to People Exchange to Cuba was a very memorable experience and one that we plan on doing again and again.  I could not get enough and according to almost everybody in our group, actually, EVERYBODY said the same thing – they want to go back.  A facinating, vibrant and beautiful place with really amazingly  intelligent, warm, friendly, and good people. I couldn’t recommend it more – it was a trip of all trips. Posting a few photos for now.  More to follow.

© JoAnne Kalish

© JoAnne KalishCuba © J.Kalish-0665-2RBe

© JoAnne Kalish
© JoAnne Kalish