Springtime is finally upon us. Time to look forward to being outdoors. Flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. When you pick up your camera try to come up with something a little different. Don’t just take pictures but go out and make some photos and enjoy yourself. Take advantage of nature’s palette.

Photo © JoAnne Kalish

Rudy Winston Tech Rep

Who’re you going to call?

When a pro, such as myself, needs technical advice about equipment, there is one person I call and his name is Rudy Winston. Rudy virtually knows everything there is to know about, not only his company’s product, but also knows about the competitor’s products as well. He explains whatever technical problem I have simply and easily. He is a wealth of knowledge and takes his job very seriously. The world needs more people who genuinely care and do their job to their fullest like Rudy.

I’ve known Rudy for about 15 years and he’s never let me down. So for those of you who want to know Rudy’s my Go-to Guy!

So to Cindy, who is his wife, you have one helluva Great Guy!