Holiday Wishes

Would like to thank all of our great students who sent us greetings for a wonderful Holiday Season. 

The Dyna-lite alumni group has recently got in touch with us and requested a second advanced Dyna-lite studio workshop.  We will be adding it to our 2011 schedule. For those interested date will be announced in an upcoming newsletter.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Capturing the Moment before Losing the Light

It’s not even Winter yet and there is never enough daylight for me. Before you know it the light is gone – I hate it!  Luckily I worked quickly and used fill flash to capture these photos watching out for background reflections.  Dan was getting some practice in before he performed that evening. Work quickly, watch your background by keeping it as clean as possible and out-of-focus, by using a wide open aperture to throw it out.  Photos ©MMX J. Kalish