The Best Light

photos © JoAnne Kalish

While down in Florida visiting Family, we had a business meeting with a future client (also visiting family who happened to be coming in from Norther California.) Our meeting was to discuss the possibility of doing a very different type fo Photo Workshop.  We met with Bruce for the first time in a place they call the Wetlands – lots of wildlife and many types of birds.  I couldn’t believe the amount of amateur photographers walking around with such large lenses and no tripods. It’s a little cool for Florida right now, not much sun and I’m still as white as a ghost after my third day down here.  Actually, the day was overcast, the best time to make some really good photos outside.  Bruce said he had checked out the place the day before and said there were twice as many amateur photographers there on the sunny day.  We went late in the afternoon and just as the sun was starting to set and there were so many more opportunities to make some really good photos all the photographers were gone.  What a shame.