Great Day

Had a fabulous day on Wednesday happened to be in the neighborhood of world famous artist Will Barnet and a gave him a call to say hello. I wound up spending the afternoon on a Park Bench in Gramercy Park on a beautiful sunny day catching up on life, the artworld, Will’s recent shows and reviews by the New York Times, my photography and his future retrospective in September at National Academy of Art in NYC.  Will was going on about everyone loving the portrait I did of him so much (including him) and that my portraits have become famous and are being used everywhere from Farnsworth to Naples to the Montclair Museum, to the National Academy of Art and so on and for all his catalogs. He told me he had numerous well-known photographers, who made portraits of him over the years (he will be 100 years old on May 25th) but my photographs of him are by far, much better than, even the portrait that Arnold Newman did of him! It took me very much by surprise to hear that, and it  certainly made my day even more special.

That evening we were special guests at Manfrotto’s Evening to Imagine More Event which was a very exciting and motivating affair and we had a wonderful time.

                                                                Artist Will Barnet Photo ©MMV JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

 JoAnne & Violante Placido – she is so gorgeous!

JoAnne and Marcus Samuelsson 

                                                                JoAnne and Mia Moretti 

Why Fill Flash?

Certain situations lend themselves to using fill flash for a little more drama.

You can also use fill flash to add catch lights in someones eye’s giving your subject a certain sparkle and excitment which draws the viewer in. When I say fill flash, I mean just that a little fill. You need to tweak down your strobe so you’re getting a small amount of light but just enough. You really don’t want the photograph to look like you used a flash at all. You’re just looking for a little more dimension to your work. I’ve added some examples of what I’m talking about.    

All Photos©JoAnne Kalish