Photojournalist Bill Eppridge Dies October 3, 2013

JoAnne Kalish at Bill Eppridge Retrospective © Joe DiMaggio

JoAnne Kalish at Bill Eppridge Retrospective © Joe DiMaggio

I did not know Bill Eppridge very well but I certainly knew of his work.  He did so many iconic history making photographs that we all know so well some of which I had no idea were made by him. Bill Eppridge was as an extremely talented and great photojournalist. According to my partner Joe DiMaggio, Bill was rather humble about what he’d accomplished over the last few decades. I always like someone more when I hear this.

For those not familiar with Bill’s work, Bill made the enduring historic image of mortally wounded Senator Robert F. Kennedy lying on the floor of a Los Angeles hotel in June 1968. Mr. Kennedy had just won the California primary and was delivering an acceptance speech when he was shot by an Assassin.

Both Joe and I had an opportunity to go to Bill’s retrospective at the Fairfield Museum a while back. I had no idea how many photographs that I remembered, in my minds eye, as part of history, that had such a great impact on me. The depth and scope of his work at that show really brought it home about how important his contribution was as a journalist.   My sincere heartfelt sympathy goes out to Bill’s family and friends. The world will miss him.

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