Oh What a Difference a Lens Makes!

This is the second year I taught a Halloween Parade Workshop in New York City.  It was a blast! Tried to keep it simple and remain as flexible as possible.  Used the Canon 35mm EF f/1.4L USM Lens primarily.  All Photos © JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved.  http://www.dimaggio-kalishworkshops.com  http://www.dimaggio-kalish.com

All Photos © JoAnne Kalish  All Rights Reserved

Halloween Parade ©Kalish 0242 Halloween Parade© Kalish0392ReHalloween Parade © Kalish 0311ReHalloween Parade-0326 Halloween Parade © JoAnne Kalish 0220Re Halloween Parade© Kalish0356Re

Halloween Parade© JoAnne Kalish 0609e

Halloween Parade© Kalish0448e                                         Halloween Parade ©Kalish0202RseHalloween Parade© Kalish0634Re

 Halloween Parade© Kalish0674Re  Halloween Parade © Kalish0382Re  Halloween Parade 0188Re Halloween Parade-0626e Halloween Parade-0798e Halloween Parade© Kalish 0160e  Halloween Parade© Kalish 0351Re Halloween Parade© Kalish 0347ReHalloween Parade© Kalish 0419e Halloween Parade© Kalish 0480 Halloween Parade© Kalish0361 Halloween Parade© Kalish0390Re  Halloween Parade© Kalish0427R   Halloween Parade© Kalish0503ReHalloween Parade© Kalish0543e Halloween Parade© Kalish0522R Halloween Parade© Kalish0420ReHalloween Parade0776Re     Halloween Parade0744ReHalloween Parade© Kalish0463e Halloween Parade ©Kalish0798ReHalloween Parade© Kalish0595Re
Halloween 2014 0500Halloween Parade0434e