Photos © JoAnne Kalish

I worked with Pev a few years back doing portfolio shots for him. I think Pev liked working with me because I was always striving for something really special. I liked working with Pev because he was open to trying new things. Pev called me up & said he was looking for some new shots for his book that were different and edgy so he’d stand out more.

So what I decided to do with Pev was photograph him with some attitude. For the head shot you notice, his eyes are not sharp. I thought by focusing on his nose & mouth, rather than his eyes it gave him a little more of an in-your-face kind of look. The photo of his torso, is stronger, without showing his face. I think everyone who truly wants to improve their photography should know the basic rules of photography. But after you know what is proper composition, how to shoot a portrait, depth of field, shutter speeds, and so on, you may then want to take your photography to a different level and break some of those rules if it works. Take it to a more creative level.
JoAnne Kalish