Snapshots, Pictures and Photographs

©MMX JoAnne Kalish
My life partner Joe DiMaggio has just had bilateral hip surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. It’s been a long time coming. You might say I’ve been a little preoccupied with a million other things.

It’s time to pick up that camera again and go back to work. As I walked the streets to and from the hospital I realized what a truly beautiful time of year it is and what I was not capturing out there with my camera. I heard my father’s voice in my head reminding me Spring was his favorite time of year. I brought my camera along as I usually do but really did not have much time to use it, as I did not have time to dally along the way. I found myself taking mostly record pictures with my IPhone to keep family and friends abreast of Joe’s progress. Taking photos on a phone is something I don’t do often but it certainly worked in this case and was kind of fun.

I always tell my students that in photography there are snapshots, pictures, and photographs. Snapshots and pictures are taken but photographs are made and I always strive to make photographs but there are certainly occasions for all and this was one of them.