Why Fill Flash?

Certain situations lend themselves to using fill flash for a little more drama.

You can also use fill flash to add catch lights in someones eye’s giving your subject a certain sparkle and excitment which draws the viewer in. When I say fill flash, I mean just that a little fill. You need to tweak down your strobe so you’re getting a small amount of light but just enough. You really don’t want the photograph to look like you used a flash at all. You’re just looking for a little more dimension to your work. I’ve added some examples of what I’m talking about.    

All Photos©JoAnne Kalish

Montauk Point Long Island Late September

¬© JoAnne Kalish 

Recently spent a week in Montauk Long Island staying at  friend’s Tommy & Theresa beautiful home. Thank you so much Tommy, Theresa, & daughter Victoria –  it was great!  Haven’t been to Montauk in a long, long, time and have always loved the place.  Brought back wonderful memories of deep sea shark & giant tuna fishing, old friends, fun times, good memories & of course the unforgettable Captain Frank Mundus and our Discovery Channel Special.

Made some great photos, swam in the cold ocean, which by the way, was the best!  Had lots of wonderful fresh seafood and chilled out while there.  I photographed early morning sunrises & sunsets at Montauk Point Lighthouse, Fishermen, and waves crashing along the shoreline. Only wish we had more time to stay.

Tips for those wanting to go – bring a tripod ( a must), shoot long exposures to capture the flow & motion of water, remember exposures for back light, silhouettes, when to use lots of depth-of- field & when to open up for shallow depth-of-field. Also remember your  fill flash for added dimension, & keep your photos clean and as simple as possible.

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