New paPA ArtSpace

My partner Joe and I had an opportunity to visit paPA recently, which is a brand new amazing exhibition ArtSpace which was formerly a centuries-old 33,000 square foot historic silk mill in White Mills, PA. It is just two hours from New York City and owned by Ron andYvonne Parker. We were given the royal tour by Yvonne as well as being introduced to the works of various artists which was awesome. They’ve done so much with the space already and there is great potential for much more! The space could be used for music, film viewing, poetry readings, dance and more. Yvonne mentioned a fall exhibition that will fuse music, art, and dance called “MAD”so stay tuned…

The parkers have owned or managed 23 galleries in America and Europe. Their international collection of contemporary art acquired over a 30-year period, includes paintings, sculptures, photography, installations and assemblages.

The Summer Exhibition, “Yvonne Parker and Friends” opens on Saturday July 16 and runs till August 28th. The show is a collaborative art project in which Yvonne invites contemporary artist-friends to share fragments of their own work, which is then incorporated by Yvonne into her series – “Fragmented Beauty” series.

This is their website