Peaceful Protest

Candlelight Vigil -6233

Candlelight Vigil, Milford, PA to honor students that died in school shooting in Parkland Florida © JoAnne Kalish

I do not believe in violence.  There’ve been too many tragedies caused by people who are mentally unstable using Guns.  Something must be done to change this!  It’s time for each of us to take a stand, so there are no more senseless deaths.

This was a Peaceful Protest last night, a Candlelight Vigil held for the young people who were killed in the Parkland, Florida School Shooting.  Young people will be marching in Washington this month and I believe they can truly make a change.  They are our future.  Candlelight Vigil -6297

Candlelight Vigil -6336

Candlelight Vigil -6306

Candlelight Vigil -6310

Second Annual Milford Readers and Writers Festival

Author Patricia Bosworth © JoAnne Kalish

I spent this past weekend at the Second Annual Milford Readers and Writers Festival.  For such a small town Milford, PA has become quite an up and coming place to visit and to live in. There are so many things happening here. This being just one of them. It was a top notch affair. At last year’s event we had well known authors Gloria Steinem, MK Asante, and John Berendt to name just a few.  We had many other important writers as well.  A quote from Gloria Steinem, “This festival shows us the worldwide importance of coming together to share ideas and build community.”

This year started out with a bang with the play “Love Letters” on Friday night with Len Cariou and Heather Summerhayes Cariou, which I missed and heard was fabulous!  Our featured writers this year were Lee Child, Patricia Bosworth, Robin Morgan, Martha Frankel, Farai Chideya and Stephen Rubin as well as others.  I am including a link to the website      

Martha Frankel © JoAnne Kalish


My website –






Robin Morgan © JoAnne Kalish

Farai Chideya © JoAnne Kalish

Author Suzanne Braun Levine

Lee Child with Stephen Rubin © JoAnne Kalish

Lee Child © JoAnne Kalish

Lee Child and Stephen Rubin © JoAnne Kalish


Photography Book by Joe DiMaggio

Great Book on Photography by Joe DiMaggio!

A quote from DiMaggio – Recalling My Adventures as a Working Photographer from the 60’s to present day. The book describes my career working for publications such as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, TIME MAGAZINE, HBO, rapidly followed by a brilliant career in Corporate and Advertising.  It’s also about how photography has evolved over the years.

FILL THE FRAME goes into detail about the many people I have photographed – celebrities, sports figures as well as many others and my experiences working with them as well as the stories behind the photographs.

Book is $20 plus $4 shipping. You can pay by check, paypal or credit card (through Paypal.)  

Click here to purchase the book on paypal – 

Letterman Late Night The End of An Era – I Remember When…

Letterman Late Night with Guest Frank Mundus © JoAnne Kalish

Letterman Late Night with Guest Frank Mundus © JoAnne Kalish



Letterman Late Night with guest Frank Mundus  © JoAnne Kalish

Letterman Late Night with guest Frank Mundus © JoAnne Kalish

My partner photographer Joe DiMaggio has always loved the Sea. It draws him in like a magnet. Years ago, he did a story for one of the Sporting Magazines on Shark Fisherman Frank Mundus. Rumor had it that Mundus was the role model for Benchley’s character “Quint” in the movie Jaws. Mundus and Joe became friends. Mundus often asked Joe to come along on charters, when he needed an extra hand. Because of his love of the Sea and the opportunity to photograph out there, as well, Joe was more than happy to go along.

When Mundus and Donnie Braddock caught the 3427 lb Great White in Montauk, Joe was the first person Mundus called ship to shore. Joe hired a small plane to fly to Montauk and photograph them as they came in with the catch.  At the time, it was a considered a Rod and Reel Record.  Joe’s photos ran throughout the world.

I was a young mother at the time, wanting to stay close to home. I was asked to do some public relations for Mundus and I agreed.  One of the first things, I did was get him on the Late Show with David Letterman. As you can see I was successful in getting him on the show and afterwards booking him two other times as well.  It was a great experience.  We had a lot of fun and Dave was very nice.

Here’s just one of many photos of the Great White with Mundus (© Joe DiMaggio) and below and above are some photos I took of Frank Mundus on the Letterman Late Night Show.

Capt. Frank Mundus with 3427 Great White © Joe DiMaggio

Capt. Frank Mundus with 3427 Great White © Joe DiMaggio

(I found this on the Wikipedia page –  JoAnne Kalish, internationally known photographer, booked Captain Frank Mundus on the Late Show with David Letterman.)  Nice to be mentioned.

Letterman Late Night with Guest Frank Mundus © JoAnne Kalish

Letterman Late Night with Guest Frank Mundus © JoAnne Kalish


Why can’t we all just get along?

Enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower © JoAnne Kalish

Enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower © JoAnne Kalish

Walking Streets of Paris Orthodox Jew on Sabbath © JoAnne Kalish

Walking Streets of Paris Orthodox Jew on Sabbath © JoAnne Kalish

Eiffel Tower © JoAnne Kalish

Eiffel Tower © JoAnne Kalish

Mario Andretti with Photographer JoAnne Kalish

Nikon or Canon whichever you prefer.  Some of us made the switch along the way.  Both great systems!

Mario Andretti and JoAnne Kalish © Joe DiMaggio

Mario Andretti and JoAnne Kalish © Joe DiMaggio

Here I am at the Long Beach Grand Prix with a group of photographers including editor Kevin Fitzgerald.  This same day I shot a motor series of the famous shunt below in the first turn, at the start of the race, and landed my first photograph in Sports Illustrated. I was the only photographer that got this photograph!  The rest was history.  This photograph is also a double truck spread in Mario Andretti’s coffee table book. The editor of Andretti’s book wrongly gave my partner Joe the credit but it was mine!

Long Beach Shunt Photographer JoAnne Kalish  with editor Kevin Fitzgerald and others e

© Joe DiMaggio

Long Beach Grand Prix Shunt 31 © J.Kalish

According to –‎

Track History Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Mario Andretti avoided a first-lap, multi-car collision, then went on to outduel F/One stars  first-lap shunt involving James Hunt that remains perhaps the Grand Prix’s most enduring image.



All Photos © JoAnne Kalish or Joe DiMaggio

This past weekend I made time to go to the Fairfield Museum in Connecticut to see Photographer Bill Eppridge’s Retrospective Show. What an amazing photography exhibit it was. I highly recommend it.

For those of you who are not familiar with Bill’s work, google him and make it a priority to see his retrospective before it ends. Bill is a photojournalist whose work spans over three decades with Life Magazine, Sport Illustrated and National Geographic. He is best known for his photos of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination but there is so much more to his work. As a former journalist myself (Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine) however, I would never consider myself anywhere close to having his photojournalistic ability,  I truly enjoyed reading his words alongside his amazing photographs which  briefly gave a few personal thoughts behind some of the images or what his assignment entailed.  In all honesty it was up there with the best of the best exhibits I’ve ever seen.

For all my students, please take the time to go to this exhibit and see the power of a great still Image and see for yourself what a very fine photojournalist Bill Eppridge is and take a lesson. 

The show opened May 1 and continues till August 28