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I worked with Pev a few years back doing portfolio shots for him. I think Pev liked working with me because I was always striving for something really special. I liked working with Pev because he was open to trying new things. Pev called me up & said he was looking for some new shots for his book that were different and edgy so he’d stand out more.

So what I decided to do with Pev was photograph him with some attitude. For the head shot you notice, his eyes are not sharp. I thought by focusing on his nose & mouth, rather than his eyes it gave him a little more of an in-your-face kind of look. The photo of his torso, is stronger, without showing his face. I think everyone who truly wants to improve their photography should know the basic rules of photography. But after you know what is proper composition, how to shoot a portrait, depth of field, shutter speeds, and so on, you may then want to take your photography to a different level and break some of those rules if it works. Take it to a more creative level.
JoAnne Kalish

Photo Tip – I found a new kind of Lighting System Rosco Lite pads

I’ve found a new kind of lighting system that is very cool to use and they’re called litepads. Rosco makes them. They are small, and very portable light pads that can be used in studio or location. They even run on battery power! Perfect for location shooting as they also weigh nothing! Here is an example of a photograph I did with Christina, a young model I shot in our studio/Learning Center using the large pad.

Photo © MMIXJoAnne Kalish

For those of you interested in a private photo class in 2010 both Joe or I would be glad to customize a workshop to fit your particular needs.

Rosco Litepads