My Upcoming Workshop on the 26th Annual All Women Lifeguard Tournament

© JoAnne Kalish
Several years ago I proposed a story on The Annual All Women Lifeguard Tournament in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. It was a wonderful photo story.

I thought about making a workshop out of this year’s annual event. It is a beautiful event to photograph and there’s a lot to be learned along the way. There are many teams of young women competing in various Lifeguard duties against each other. Photographing on the beach you need to be very aware of your exposure. You have to watch out for sand and water spray on your equipment. On the beach the soft light is wonderful and it makes colors pop. We will learn how to make the best out of every sporting situation. I will share with you some techniques I used as a photographer for Sports Illustrated. Fast shutter speeds, slow shutter speeds, pans, action coming toward the camera and across the frame. There’s plenty of action, graphics, portraits you name it…it’ll be a hell of a Workshop! To see more recent photos of this event go to