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This photograph was taken at a Candlelight Vigil right after 9/11.

I was urged by my partner Joe DiMaggio to send this photo into our agent. I first hesitated doing so because I figured there were so many photos of this tragic event who needed another. When he finally convinced me to just do it, I was very surprised to receive this note back.


Marcel Saba, VP of Editorial Photography, passed along the great photograph

that you’ve shown to Leslie Hughes in some recent correspondence. I must say that from all the pictures I’ve edited of this tragedy, this quickly rises to the top. As Acting Director of Corbis Sygma USA, I am writing to ask if you would let us syndicate this photograph worldwide. 

Again, great work; I’m glad I got to see it!


Charlie Borst

Acting Director

Corbis Sygma USA

9/11 Tragedy

Photograph ©JoAnne Kalish

On 9/13 I photographed a candlelight vigil at Skyland Park.  It was one or two days prior to leaving for Maryland to be an instructor on the AMERICAN PHOTO/POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Mentor Series.  So much had happened with the aftermath and I honestly forgot to deal with these photos.  Upon return, my partner Joe DiMaggio came across them and asked me why I had not sent them in to Corbis/Sygma.  My reply was, don’t you think they have enough of this stuff already?  But I wound up sending them in and I received a note from Charlie Borst, the Director of Corbis Sygma asking if the photo could be syndicated worldwide.  His comment was “I must say that from all the pictures I’ve edited of this tragedy, this quickly rises to the top.”  “great work; I’m glad I got to see it!”  I was totally, absolutely (but nicely) surprised at this response.  Compliments are not that easy to come by in our business and this was a good one.