Will Barnet Show LOVE LETTERS at Alexandre Gallery NY

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Beautiful show at Alexandre Gallery in NY titled LOVE LETTERS by Artist Will Barnet. The show is an homage to his beautiful wife Elena.  Very much worth seeing and especially if you are a Will Barnet fan – AND I AM!





© JoAnne Kalish


© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio


Daughter Ona Barnet and Photographer JoAnne Kalish ©Joe DiMaggio





© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved



Artist Will Barnet and Photographer JoAnne Kalish © Joe DiMaggio

Artist Will Barnet and Photographer JoAnne Kalish © Joe DiMaggio

Artist Will Barnet - Photo © JoAnne Kalish Self Portrait © Will Barnet

Artist Will Barnet – Photo ©JoAnne Kalish Self Portrait © Will Barnet

Will Barnet with JoAnne Kalish National Academy of Art Museum and School

“Through the Eyes of JoAnne Kalish: Photographer and Visual Communicator” Exhibit Oct.10 – Dec. 7 Columns Museum

My work is on exhibit at the Columns Museum in Milford, PA. October 10th through December 7, 2014.

The Show will also be during the time of the Black Bear Film Festival

It is the same Museum that has in their collection, the blood-stained Lincoln Flag from the Ford’s Theatre in Washington.

– On a history note, JoAnne was the only photographer at the Long Beach Grand Prix who captured the famous motor series at the start of the Long Beach Grand Prix of near fatal accident with Mario Andretti and James Hunt. Sports Illustrated ran the photo twice that year, the second time was for “The Year in Sports” issue.

The Tragedy of September 2001 will never be forgotten with her photograph of a Prayer Vigil, which has been recognized as one of the greatest tributes to the American Spirit.  Quote from Charlie Borst, Director of Photography at Corbis Sigma USA – “ I must say that from all the pictures I’ve edited of this tragedy, this quickly rises to the top.”

JoAnne’s iconic photograph of Artist Will Barnet, awarded the medal of Arts by President Obama in 2012, is now part of the Permanent Collection of Portraits, in The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, as well as is being part of the photographic collection in the White House.

Other personal work is on display as well.  PLEASE COME DOWN AND SUPPORT THE ARTS.




Columns Show JoAnne Kalish-8056 Columns Show JoAnne Kalish-8067 Columns Show JoAnne Kalish-8071 Columns Show JoAnne Kalish-8081

© JoAnne Kalish  All Rights Reserved

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved  9/11 Vigil

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved 9/11 Vigil

Will Barnet, JoAnne Kalish, National Gallery of Art Washington DC

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

Museum Hours are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 1-4 PM or by Appointment  (57) 296-8126 or pikemuse@ptd.net

Blood-stained Lincoln Flag on View at Columns Museum © DiMaggio

Blood-stained Lincoln Flag on View at Columns Museum © DiMaggio

National Gallery of Art 2013 Annual Report Mention

American Artist  Will Barnet © JoAnne Kalish

Artist Will Barnet © JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

Last Friday I received an e mail from the Chief of the Department of Image Collections Mr. Gregory Most, at the National Gallery of Art informing me that my portrait of Will Barnet has been mentioned in their 2013 Annual report on page 21. It reads – The artists’ portraits collectioadded self-portraits bArthur Fellig, known aWeegee, c. 1950Philippe Halsmanc. 1955–1960; anJerrUelsmann, c.1970. Other artistsportraits include Fernanger bHerbert Matter, 1939; Frida KahlbManuel Alvarez – Bravoc.1938, printed 1960; PauEluard in his apartment bBrassaï, 1944, printed 1960; AndWarhol beinphotographed bHorsby DaviBailey,1972; anWilBarnet bJoAnne Kalish2005, printe2013David Dufour donated a pair ophotograppostcards of Marsden HartlebCarvan Vechten,1939.

Totally an honor to be amongst the group.  It was a great way to end the week on such a high note!


Will Barnet A Beautiful Man, A Great Artist and Friend -1911-2012

Will Barnet ©JoAnne Kalish

We were taking a flight to Austin, Texas to photograph their first F1 Grand Prix. I was reading The New York Times and a painting of Will’s caught my eye, as I was turning the page.  It was the Obituary Column – Will had passed away the day before (November 13.) We all knew it was coming but it really really hit me hard. I had spoke to Will the week before in hopes of getting together but sadly it did not work out.

I first met Will Barnet when I had an assignment to photograph him for ART & ANTIQUES MAGAZINE,  back in 2005 and we’ve been friends ever since. He was an exceptional person – warm, generous, extremely talented yet humble. He’d  always go that extra mile to make you feel special. With all his accomplishments and stature he never failed to ask how I was doing,  what kind of art I was making, and how was Joe? He always made me feel special.

For those of you not familiar with his work, Will’s body of work ranges from universal family scenes, often but not always, using his wife, children,and pets as they connect with each other. On the other hand, his paintings go in other directions as well, exploring abstracts and the connection that can be made using bold colors & form. During this time, he was influenced by the artwork of American Indians. Will’s been a Printmaker, as well as being an Art Educator for many years. I’ve heard stories of how he’s influenced a generation of young artists. His kind, generous nature is not common in the art world  but Will was his own person. It did not take away, from who he was, to share with others. He welcomed the opportunity. After the Great Depression he was very involved in the federal art project heading up the WPA, which helped artists sustain a living while continuing to make their art. He has been the recipient of many awards. This past February 2012, President Obama Awarded him the Medal of Arts for his lifetime achievement.

One Saturday, I called and asked if I could stop by to say hello. He said that he was sorry but he was going to a friend’s gallery opening and we’d have to make it another time. Joe and I decided to check out some shows ourselves that weekend and who, did we stroll into but Will. It was so important for him to see what was going on at all times.

On another day, I was in the neighborhood and called him to see if I could stop by to say hello. He said, “give me a few minutes I’m coming down, meet me at the entrance of my building.”  His son Todd who I met for the first time was with him. It was a beautiful day and we sat in Gramercy Park talking like old friends reminiscing and sharing how we met. We had a good laugh about  how, after I had done his portrait,  I did not realize, until just before I left, that my face was covered (and I mean covered) with blue paint. All during the shoot he had found it very amusing but never said a word to me. That same day sitting in the park, he told me, that of all the famous photographers that had photographed him over the last eight decades, my photograph was his very  favorite and truly the best. He then followed this statement with – including the portrait that Arnold Newman had done of him. I wish I got it on tape!  Over the years, Will requested that my portrait be used alongside his work and it has been used in many museums and galleries and I’m truly honored. Recently it was used as the iconic opening photo in the book WILL BARNET AT 100.

This past New Year’s Day my cell phone rang and it was Will calling to wish Joe and myself a very Happy New Year.  It was a wonderful surprise!  I will cherish that phone call forever.

Will Barnet & Photographer JoAnne Kalish 2011

Artist and Friend Will Barnet Receives the National Medal of Arts from President Obama

Press Photo

© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

Artist Will Barnet, legendary painter and print maker just turned 100 in May, recently received the National Medal of Arts from President Obama.

Barnet received this high honor “for his contributions as an American painter, printmaker, and teacher,” according to the citation. “For over 80 years, Mr Barnet has been a constant force in the visual arts world, marrying sophistication and emotion with beauty and form,” the citation said.

Will can no longer stand, but he still paints three to four hours a day in his duplex apartment in the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park, where he and his wife Elena have lived since 1982.  If you are not familiar with his work he is known for his abstract and expressionist paintings as well as his depictions of family and personal scenes.  Will taught at Cooper Union and Yale, among other places.  His famous students include Mark Rothko and Alex Katz.

I had an assignment from Arts & Antiques Magazine to do a spread on Will approximately 7 years ago and it was the best assignment I’ve ever had bar none.  It was a total privilege and honor just to meet him, let alone photograph him.  I totally admire his artwork and as a human being I’ve never met anyone quite like him.  He is so genuine giving and unassuming. He is totally supportive of women in the arts and if you think about his age and his artist contemporaries you will realize that was rarely the case.  Will and I have stayed in touch over the years as he has told me his favorite portrait is the one I did of him and no one has captured him the way I have.  He always requests my photograph of him, to be used alongside his work and he has an obvious favorite.

I just want to totally brag here and say Will called me this past New Year’s Day to wish Joe and I a very Happy New Year.  I was totally blown away!  That’s what I mean about him being so special!

Here is a selections of some of Will Barnet’s Paintings –

First Footing Happy New Year

Our friends Bill & Kathrin first-footed over to our home New Year’s Day for Brunch and brought customary gifts.  This was the first I heard of this tradition and it was quite lovely in thought. I also have to mention, that my friend artist Will Barnet called to wish us a Happy New Year – Will is 100 years old and it doesn’t get any better than that! He is absolutely the best! What a way to start out the year!
In case no one has been playing around with the Nik software it’s absolutely great and totally user friendly.  I would highly recommend it.
Looking forward to a great 2012 – I already see some very good signs that it will be a special year.
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Great Day

Had a fabulous day on Wednesday happened to be in the neighborhood of world famous artist Will Barnet and a gave him a call to say hello. I wound up spending the afternoon on a Park Bench in Gramercy Park on a beautiful sunny day catching up on life, the artworld, Will’s recent shows and reviews by the New York Times, my photography and his future retrospective in September at National Academy of Art in NYC.  Will was going on about everyone loving the portrait I did of him so much (including him) and that my portraits have become famous and are being used everywhere from Farnsworth to Naples to the Montclair Museum, to the National Academy of Art and so on and for all his catalogs. He told me he had numerous well-known photographers, who made portraits of him over the years (he will be 100 years old on May 25th) but my photographs of him are by far, much better than, even the portrait that Arnold Newman did of him! It took me very much by surprise to hear that, and it  certainly made my day even more special.

That evening we were special guests at Manfrotto’s Evening to Imagine More Event which was a very exciting and motivating affair and we had a wonderful time.

                                                                Artist Will Barnet Photo ©MMV JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

 JoAnne & Violante Placido – she is so gorgeous!

JoAnne and Marcus Samuelsson 

                                                                JoAnne and Mia Moretti 

My Friend Artist Will Barnet

Photograph © JoAnne Kalish   (This is his favorite)

I had a very special Assignment from ART & ANTIQUES Magazine to photograph an American Master Painter by the name of Will Barnet.  It is one of those special assignments that I will always remember fondly. I was told it would be a very big spread and many pages like the one they had recently done on Philip Hockney in a previous issue. I was thoroughly excited about this and totally looking forward to meeting this man.  I prepared my equipment, did my research on his studio, and on what kind of equipment and strobes I would need to get the job done as smoothly as possible.  My bags were already packed ahead-of-time and ready to go.  Two days prior to the shoot I received a call and was told the shoot was off.  I was crushed!  I did not know what happened. But as luck would have it, almost a month later I received a phone call from the Magazine, saying the assignment was on again and Will Barnet had agreed to be photographed but, the stipulation was, that I had to come without an assistant.  Well I agreed to do whatever it would take to get the job done.  

It was strongly suggested from the Magazine that when I worked with him to be very respectful and call him Mr. Barnet.  As I was photographing him, I made suggestions for him to go to various places in his studio so I could also do a picture story at the same time as well as horizontal and vertical portraits of him.  He willingly obliged but there were times I called him Mr. Barnet and he did not respond. Once I accidentally called him Will and with that he lit up and smiled at me this wonderful warm smile.  After the shoot I thanked him very much and asked to use his bathroom to wash up.  When I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I had blue paint all over my face from one of his work locations.  I was covered!  He must have got a kick out of it.

I followed up after my shoot by sending him a few photos as I was very pleased with the portraits. I sent him two and asked him to sign two of the same for me and was invited to come by to pick them up.  I have to mention, that Will is one of the most gracious & lovely people I have ever known.  When he asks how you’re doing and what kind of art are you making he really wants to know.  I have gone to several of his shows, been invited for lunch, and have always been totally honored to be one of his friends.  Will has used one of my photographs for his show in the Farnsworth Art Museum and my photo in the Naples Museum of Art and I am deeply honored.

I did many wonderful portraits that day and they are by far my favorites.
This is a photo that was taken of Will and myself as I was showing him some of my recent work in his studio