Photography Book by Joe DiMaggio

Great Book on Photography by Joe DiMaggio!

A quote from DiMaggio – Recalling My Adventures as a Working Photographer from the 60’s to present day. The book describes my career working for publications such as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, TIME MAGAZINE, HBO, rapidly followed by a brilliant career in Corporate and Advertising.  It’s also about how photography has evolved over the years.

FILL THE FRAME goes into detail about the many people I have photographed – celebrities, sports figures as well as many others and my experiences working with them as well as the stories behind the photographs.

Book is $20 plus $4 shipping. You can pay by check, paypal or credit card (through Paypal.)  

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KIDD BLACK The Beginning

Just finished “KIDD BLACK The Beginningby Harvey Black and Jonathan Levine, a wonderful, fun-to-read, daring novel about an American super agent, half-white, half-black (who’s supposed to be dead) and a deranged terrorist (who may be dead) This book has everything – adventure, humor, romance, and fascinating characters and it’s all true.  I can imagine the book as a movie.  Who will the actors be?  A fun and thoroughly enjoyable read.  Check it out.