The Love of Art

Art and Museum Article Winter Issue 2018 -The Love of Art

This is a recently published article in the UK by Joe DiMaggio for Art & Museum’s Winter Issue 2018 PDF link below (see page 13.)  Please contact us for more information.


Will Barnet in his studio with Photographer JoAnne Kalish       photo © Joe DiMaggio

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Peaceful Protest

Candlelight Vigil -6233

Candlelight Vigil, Milford, PA to honor students that died in school shooting in Parkland Florida © JoAnne Kalish

I do not believe in violence.  There’ve been too many tragedies caused by people who are mentally unstable using Guns.  Something must be done to change this!  It’s time for each of us to take a stand, so there are no more senseless deaths.

This was a Peaceful Protest last night, a Candlelight Vigil held for the young people who were killed in the Parkland, Florida School Shooting.  Young people will be marching in Washington this month and I believe they can truly make a change.  They are our future.  Candlelight Vigil -6297

Candlelight Vigil -6336

Candlelight Vigil -6306

Candlelight Vigil -6310

Mario Andretti with Photographer JoAnne Kalish

Nikon or Canon whichever you prefer.  Some of us made the switch along the way.  Both great systems!

Mario Andretti and JoAnne Kalish © Joe DiMaggio

Mario Andretti and JoAnne Kalish © Joe DiMaggio

Here I am at the Long Beach Grand Prix with a group of photographers including editor Kevin Fitzgerald.  This same day I shot a motor series of the famous shunt below in the first turn, at the start of the race, and landed my first photograph in Sports Illustrated. I was the only photographer that got this photograph!  The rest was history.  This photograph is also a double truck spread in Mario Andretti’s coffee table book. The editor of Andretti’s book wrongly gave my partner Joe the credit but it was mine!

Long Beach Shunt Photographer JoAnne Kalish  with editor Kevin Fitzgerald and others e

© Joe DiMaggio

Long Beach Grand Prix Shunt 31 © J.Kalish

According to –‎

Track History Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Mario Andretti avoided a first-lap, multi-car collision, then went on to outduel F/One stars  first-lap shunt involving James Hunt that remains perhaps the Grand Prix’s most enduring image.