Holiday Gift Giving – Something to Bring Along For Your Host or Hostess


They come in 2 sizes either 7 /3/4 or 6 3/4. They are made from an original handmade photograph that has been printed and transferred onto a tile.  Each are slightly different with only a few of each size available.

Small size is $45.00 and larger one is $57.00 Comes with stand.

               Available for Pick-Up Only

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Autumn Leaves in the Studio

©2012 JoAnne Kalish

After going to Fretta’s Italian store for some fresh mozzarella, I walked to our local Patisserie in town for some  freshly made bread (yes our Patisserie makes bread also.) Walking past The Fauchere, I saw many colorful beautiful Maple leaves that had just fallen to the ground. After picking up a couple baguettes and of course a little dessert,  I collected a handful of colorful leaves and brought them back to my studio. I set up the leaves using some back light and a little side light to bring out their color and texture. A representative that worked at my bank had these little clip-on stands on her desk with advertisements for the bank. I had asked her when they were finished with them, if I could have a few because they would work very well to hold small tabletop objects in the studio. Well, I was right! They worked great to hold these leaves. Normally I would choose either to work with one leaf or three (it’s better to compose with odd numbers) but I was surprised that some of the shots with two leaves worked really well also.