Will Barnet Show LOVE LETTERS at Alexandre Gallery NY

© JoAnne Kalish (All Rights Reserved)

Beautiful show at Alexandre Gallery in NY titled LOVE LETTERS by Artist Will Barnet. The show is an homage to his beautiful wife Elena.  Very much worth seeing and especially if you are a Will Barnet fan – AND I AM!





© JoAnne Kalish


© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio


Daughter Ona Barnet and Photographer JoAnne Kalish ©Joe DiMaggio

Oh What a Difference a Lens Makes!

This is the second year I taught a Halloween Parade Workshop in New York City.  It was a blast! Tried to keep it simple and remain as flexible as possible.  Used the Canon 35mm EF f/1.4L USM Lens primarily.  All Photos © JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved.  http://www.dimaggio-kalishworkshops.com  http://www.dimaggio-kalish.com

All Photos © JoAnne Kalish  All Rights Reserved

Halloween Parade ©Kalish 0242 Halloween Parade© Kalish0392ReHalloween Parade © Kalish 0311ReHalloween Parade-0326 Halloween Parade © JoAnne Kalish 0220Re Halloween Parade© Kalish0356Re

Halloween Parade© JoAnne Kalish 0609e

Halloween Parade© Kalish0448e                                         Halloween Parade ©Kalish0202RseHalloween Parade© Kalish0634Re

 Halloween Parade© Kalish0674Re  Halloween Parade © Kalish0382Re  Halloween Parade 0188Re Halloween Parade-0626e Halloween Parade-0798e Halloween Parade© Kalish 0160e  Halloween Parade© Kalish 0351Re Halloween Parade© Kalish 0347ReHalloween Parade© Kalish 0419e Halloween Parade© Kalish 0480 Halloween Parade© Kalish0361 Halloween Parade© Kalish0390Re  Halloween Parade© Kalish0427R   Halloween Parade© Kalish0503ReHalloween Parade© Kalish0543e Halloween Parade© Kalish0522R Halloween Parade© Kalish0420ReHalloween Parade0776Re     Halloween Parade0744ReHalloween Parade© Kalish0463e Halloween Parade ©Kalish0798ReHalloween Parade© Kalish0595Re
Halloween 2014 0500Halloween Parade0434e