Another Sucessful Workshop

Photos ©Dylan DiMaggio
This past Sunday I gave Joe a hand in teaching his first Adorama Workshop since his bi-lateral hip surgery just a couple of weeks ago. It was taught in Brooklyn’s Dumbo area and at Gleason’s Gym. Despite the fact the weather was not very cooperative, it was a great workshop and we had a wonderful group of people.

One of our locations was at Gleason’s Gym which is always a fun place to shoot in because it’s full of such an interesting array of people. There are graphics galore, great portraits to be made, action photos of people training whether it be in the ring, hitting speed bags, lifting weights, running, you name it. Many different photographic skills are required and most amateurs or even most semi-pros don’t normally have this kind of exposure and access to shooting so many different types of situations all at once. It is, in my opinion, a great learning experience. Also many thanks to FDNY Firehouse Engine 205 on Middagh Street, one of the oldest fire departments in Brooklyn & Lieutenant Mallien for allowing us to bring along our group for a tour and to graciously allow us to do an environmental portrait of one of their firefighters. Thanks to Larry Malang, Dylan DiMaggio & Monica Cipnic for all their help with this workshop.

Snapshots, Pictures and Photographs

©MMX JoAnne Kalish
My life partner Joe DiMaggio has just had bilateral hip surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. It’s been a long time coming. You might say I’ve been a little preoccupied with a million other things.

It’s time to pick up that camera again and go back to work. As I walked the streets to and from the hospital I realized what a truly beautiful time of year it is and what I was not capturing out there with my camera. I heard my father’s voice in my head reminding me Spring was his favorite time of year. I brought my camera along as I usually do but really did not have much time to use it, as I did not have time to dally along the way. I found myself taking mostly record pictures with my IPhone to keep family and friends abreast of Joe’s progress. Taking photos on a phone is something I don’t do often but it certainly worked in this case and was kind of fun.

I always tell my students that in photography there are snapshots, pictures, and photographs. Snapshots and pictures are taken but photographs are made and I always strive to make photographs but there are certainly occasions for all and this was one of them.