Happiness Series Part Five

©Photos © JoAnne Kalish

Another few image from my “Happiness” Series – in no particular order.

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SUPPORT LIVING ARTISTS – the dead ones don’t need the money!


Another image from my “Happiness” Series.

© ’23 JoAnne Kalish

I think the world needs to be surrounded by some uplifting, colorful, and joyful pieces of art. There are too many bad things that are happening all around us. A little positivity goes a long way. I recently came across a sign that said Spread Good Vibes! It makes me smile every time I see it! That’s what I’d like to do. Signed, limited edition prints available in 16×24 size.


SUPPORT LIVING ARTISTS – the dead ones don’t need the money!



Be Mine

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HAPPINESS Series Part Three

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PASTEL © JoAnne Kalish.

ALL THAT JAZZ © JoAnne Kalish

Three More From HAPPINESS Series

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HAPPY TOO © JoAnne Kalish

HAPPY PASS! © JoAnne Kalish

A Couple Pieces of Art From New Series

I’ve been working with color and design lately.

Signed Limited Edition Prints Available for the Holidays.

More to follow….

HAPPY © JoAnne Kalish
Happy Face © JoAnne Kalish

Tony Sirico aka Paulie Walnuts

Photographer JoAnne Kalish with Tony Sirico aka Paulie Walnuts

As a big Soprano’s Fan it was so cool and fun to actually meet Tony Sirico aka Paulie Walnuts on the Sopranos. What a character!

I was sad to hear on the news today that he had passed away at age 79. Luckily my photographer was there to make a couple shots of the two of us.

Photographer JoAnne Kalish with Tony Sirico aka Paulie Walnuts

Richard Steedman

We attended a beautiful Celebration of Life for Richard Steedman this past weekend.

Richard Steedman was the visionary behind the Stock Market Photo Agency. Richard Steedman along with photo editor Sally LLoyd, photographers Barry O’Rourke and Luis Villota, started The Stock Market. This agency became one of the largest independently owned stock photo agencies in the world.  The Stock Market was comprised of a close community of photographers, colleagues and friends. At its height, itemployed over 175 individuals at its corporate headquarters in New York City. It also owned four regional offices in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Portland as well as international offices in London, Paris and Dusseldorf.  In addition, photography was licensed through 35 international affiliates throughout six continents. This was a very big deal in our industry.

Richard was many things – a great photographer, entrepreneur, world traveler, and fantastic businessman.  Richard and Sally made a great team and we all loved working with them. As the years went on they later married. As a photographer being represented by The Stock Market, it meant you were part of a large family. There was a closeness and camaraderie there, as well as many friendships made which was unusual for such a large operation. In 2000 the Stock Market was sold to Corbis, an agency owned by Bill Gates and from there it changed to Getty Images. Boy I miss those days!

At the end of the celebration we each had an opportunity to choose one of Richard’s photos to take home that we loved. Below is my favorite. 

© Joe DiMaggio
© Richard Steedman
© JoAnne Kalish
Sally & Richard © Joe DiMaggio

My Studio Photography Class Sussex Community College

Richard Schnurr’s Artist Portrait for Neile’s Book

I was happy to learn this morning that one of my student’s Richard Schnurr’s photographs, of Stained Glass Artist Neile Cooper, was used for her author’s portrait in her upcoming book. Richard’s photograph was made during one of our field trip classes, when we went to Neile’s home and workspace to do an environmental portrait. I thought it would be a challenge to try mixing studio lighting and available light in her stained glass cabin in Sussex County, New Jersey. Neile was very accommodating and open to the idea. Her beautiful work was a sight to see. What a fine artist she is and I am very much excited to get a copy of her book which will be out in May of next year

I so enjoyed teaching this class and watching my students grow and develop their talent. I also got a tremendous amount out of it and look forward to continue with my teaching. I was very fortunate to have such a great group as well.


Location Photography Class Richard Schnurr Photographing Artist Neile Cooper © JoAnne Kalish

Location Photography Class Sussex Community College © JoAnne Kalish
Neile Cooper’s Stained glass cabin © JoAnne Kalish
© JoAnne Kalish
Artist Neile Cooper Environmental Portrait Studio Lighting © JoAnne Kalish

ACE 2006 -2021

Our Dog Ace © Joe DiMaggio

Our wonderful dog Ace passed away yesterday, Monday September 13, 2021. Although, we have so many photos of him – this photo made by Joe DiMaggio says it all! I can’t compete.  He was the best dog ever! 

Ace had a huge heart and a wonderful spirit.  He was our best friend and we will dearly miss him.  As I said when Joe first brought him home – “He’s Better than Diamonds!”