ACE 2006 -2021

Our Dog Ace © Joe DiMaggio

Our wonderful dog Ace passed away yesterday, Monday September 13, 2021. Although, we have so many photos of him – this photo made by Joe DiMaggio says it all! I can’t compete.  He was the best dog ever! 

Ace had a huge heart and a wonderful spirit.  He was our best friend and we will dearly miss him.  As I said when Joe first brought him home – “He’s Better than Diamonds!”

My Studio Photography Class

Photos © JoAnne Kalish

I am teaching a live photography class at Sussex Community College. We are now finished with product photography and working on portraiture. Not easy when everyone is masked.

Thought it would be fun to ask my neighbor, Donna Bates who raises and shows Afghan Hounds, if she would be interested in bringing in her dog Hedley for a sitting with the class. Several years ago I had photographed two of her show dogs in the studio and on location for a few different applications and they worked out great.

It was a fun class!


© JoAnne Kalish All Rights Reserved

This photograph was taken at a Candlelight Vigil right after 9/11.

I was urged by my partner Joe DiMaggio to send this photo into our agent. I first hesitated doing so because I figured there were so many photos of this tragic event who needed another. When he finally convinced me to just do it, I was very surprised to receive this note back.


Marcel Saba, VP of Editorial Photography, passed along the great photograph

that you’ve shown to Leslie Hughes in some recent correspondence. I must say that from all the pictures I’ve edited of this tragedy, this quickly rises to the top. As Acting Director of Corbis Sygma USA, I am writing to ask if you would let us syndicate this photograph worldwide. 

Again, great work; I’m glad I got to see it!


Charlie Borst

Acting Director

Corbis Sygma USA

Great News!

Portfolio Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 12.48.40 PM 11eAfter finishing my usual yoga routine this morning, I checked my e mails. The first e mail I came across was from Jean-Jacques Naudet the Editorial Director of L’oeil de La Photographie, which is a daily journal of International Photography. The Magazine is beautifully done and quite handsome. 

Jean-Jacques informed me that my portfolio on Sensuality was chosen for the August 21st Edition of the Magazine.  To say the least, I am very pleased and honored to be a part of it! 

Here’s the Link –

Couldn’t think of a better way to start the day!

L'0eil de La Photographie August 21 Edition 11e


Holiday Gift Giving – Something to Bring Along For Your Host or Hostess


They come in 2 sizes either 7 /3/4 or 6 3/4. They are made from an original handmade photograph that has been printed and transferred onto a tile.  Each are slightly different with only a few of each size available.

Small size is $45.00 and larger one is $57.00 Comes with stand.

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© JoAnne Kalish

The Cuba we’ve come to know is –

“better than any romance better than any thriller more real than a documentary  If you’re interested in seeing the Cuba we know, meeting its people, tasting the culture, making images of its heart join us in what might be one of the last two trips we will be allowed to make. Cuba isn’t just a movie plot, but it can be one of the most fascinating experiences of your life.

We still have completely legal access for two more trips, but they are filling fast, and the political window is closing.” S

Contact me for more information. Sign up is limited to 12 people.  To reserve a spot, deposit is required as soon as possible.

© JoAnne Kalish








© JoAnne Kalish .


© JoAnne Kalish .

New Orlean’s Leah Chase of The Famous Dooky Chase Restaurant

© DiMaggio/Kalish

A bit of sad news to start out a Monday morning is that Leah Chase passed away yesterday.

Both Joe and I met Leah Chase in New Orleans approximately 20 years ago. She agreed to open up the restaurant and kitchen for us so we could do a series of portraits of her in her renowned Restaurant Dooky Chase which was legendary and loved by many. If you were in town you had to go there and so many famous people did. The restaurant was known for serving presidents, as well as freedom riders. Martin Luther king, James Baldwin, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole, Barrack Obama and George W. Bush all have eaten there. In a city operating under Jim Crow laws Dooky Chase became the only upscale restaurant where African Americans could gather.

Leah was totally dedicated to the restaurant and the community which she was very much a part of. She was considered a central cultural figure in the politics of New Orleans and the national struggle for civil rights. She was also a major promoter of art. During our conversation Joe mentioned  that he had just done a cover story on Syvia’s restaurant in Harlem for American Way Magazine and on the owner Sylvia Woods. The two of them were sisters of a kind. Both trend setters and entrepreneurs in the food/restaurant business and in society. One in Harlem and one in New Orleans. Both women will be missed as they played a vital role in bringing people together.

© DiMaggio/Kalish

© DiMaggio Kalish

Peter B. Kaplan

Peter Kaplan JoAnne Kalish & Joe DiMaggio

Our friend photographer Peter B. Kaplan passed away this week. R.I.P. Peter! Peter was a wild and crazy photographer who is best known for his height photography in New York City. He was also a strong advocate of photographer’s rights!

I first met Peter at a New York ASMP meeting and we were friends ever since.

I don’t remember who shot this photo but it was a Stock Market Party and we were all having a really good time.

Actually this is one of the rare occasions that Peter did not have his African Grey Parrot, Kasuku along with him

We will all miss you Peter.


The Love of Art

Art and Museum Article Winter Issue 2018 -The Love of Art

This is a recently published article in the UK by Joe DiMaggio for Art & Museum’s Winter Issue 2018 PDF link below (see page 13.)  Please contact us for more information.


Will Barnet in his studio with Photographer JoAnne Kalish       photo © Joe DiMaggio

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